President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan received the Minister of National Education, Yusuf Tekin, and the children accompanying him at the Presidential Complex in honor of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day.

During the event, President Erdoğan extended his congratulations to the children on the occasion of April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day.
On this special day, President Erdoğan expressed his joy in hosting children not only from Türkiye but also from around the world, conveying his affection to all children globally.
Stating that he remembers everyone who contributed to bringing Türkiye to where it is today with respect, especially Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye, the Commander-in-Chief of the War of Independence, and the founder of the Republic, Erdoğan said, "I wish Allah's mercy upon each of our heroic martyrs who sacrificed themselves for our independence and future without batting an eye, and auspicial, healthy, and long lives to all our veterans."
Reminding that today, along with Children's Day, also marks the 104th anniversary of the opening of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye, President Erdoğan noted: "Our Grand National Assembly, which was opened with prayers, takbirs and salawats in Ankara exactly 104 years ago, became the symbol of the struggle for freedom of our nation and state. Our first Assembly pioneered and led the way on the route to our freedom. The National Struggle, which was started with the opening of the Parliament on April 23, 1920, was crowned with victory with the proclamation of the Republic on October 29, 1923. It is obviously not a coincidence that such an important day in our history gifted to children, who are guarantors of our future. This is also a sign that our state attaches importance not just to children but also to its own future. And we have entrusted our Century of Türkiye vision to you. I, as the President of Türkiye, wholeheartedly believe that each of you will uphold this heritage in the best manner."
Erdoğan emphasized that they will continue to work with full effort in order to leave children in a great, strong, and prosperous country in every field. He went on to say, "I have no doubt that you, our children, will take Türkiye much further with your hard work, success, excitement, horizons, and hopes."
"You are the hope of our future"
Erdoğan added, "I ask you not to forget this for a moment," and went on to say the following: "You are the guarantors of our future, the hope of our tomorrow. Each of you will be the architect of a great and powerful Türkiye. You will strictly protect the trusts you have inherited from us and hopefully hand them over to future generations with success. Right now, before me, I see politicians of tomorrow's Türkiye, scientists, statesmen, and people of culture and arts. May Allah give you success in your life journey toward becoming a good member of our country and nation. With these thoughts, I congratulate you once more on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day. I kiss all of your eyes in the hopes of celebrating April 23rd in a stronger, more advanced, and happier Türkiye in the years ahead."
After his speech, President Erdoğan gave the floor to Atilla Egemen Çulcuoğlu, who took his seat.
"I wish the painful days would end."
Çulcuoğlu remarked that the 104th anniversary of the opening of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye in the Century of Türkiye, as well as the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day, were celebrated with pride and enthusiasm.
Çulcuoğlu expressed, "As a child who was honored by our President on this special day with the authority to represent him, I greet you all with my sincere feelings," and underlined that national sovereignty had been fully implemented with the opening of the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye on April 23, 1920.
He noted that this important day was gifted by the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to the children who will protect the nation's sovereignty forever.
"I wish for the sorrowful days of our friends in Gaza to come to an end," remarked Çulcuoğlu, acknowledging the events unfolding in Gaza on this special day dedicated to children. "I wish for peace for all children worldwide, and I hope that no child ever has to endure such sadness."
Çulcuoğlu emphasized that April 23, 1920, is not only a significant date in the history of the great Turkish nation but also the finest demonstration of the nation's resilience to overcome any adversity with its own will and strength, triumphing over every challenge through honorable and just struggle. 
Çulcuoğlu stated that an event crowning the Republic's 100th anniversary on this particular day took place. He additionally recalled that the country stepped into the Century of Türkiye with its first manned space mission for the country.
Çulcuoğlu emphasized his pride in being the heirs of a civilization that has made countless contributions to science throughout history, stating that in the Century of Türkiye, a new beginning in the world of science has been made with the mission carried on since history.
Children recited poems and songs
Çulcuoğlu expressed his hopes for many new beginnings that will broaden the horizons of the children, who are the guarantee of the future, and stated his pride in witnessing these developments.
Çulcuoğlu remembered the Founder of the Republic and the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye, Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, and his heroic comrades-in-arms, martyrs, and veterans, with gratitude and reverence.
Following his speech, Çulcuoğlu took the President's seat and answered questions from the press.
After Çulcuoğlu, the children recited poems and songs.
The boy named Efe Yağız tearfully recited Arif Nihat Asya's poem "Bayrak" (The Flag).
President Erdoğan then remarked, "See, this is how it should be. When you recite the poem, you should do so with tears, and move others to tears.

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